Newborn Prep


Prepping for your lifestyle newborn session



In order to get the most out of our session together, here are some tips to help prepare.... Don't worry they are all easy, you did just have a baby after all! ;)


Before Your Session:


  • A full baby is a happy baby, feed and change your baby shortly before the session starts. 
  • Warmth in the cooler months! To help keep your little one comfortable and sleepy before we arrive turn up the furnace a little, we recommend around 80 degrees, or pre-heat rooms with a space heater. 
  • Open blinds and curtains in your home to let light in. The more natural light the better! 
  • Have a pacifier and cloth for baby spit up handy.
  • Clear nightstand and countertops of clutter. No need to clean your whole house, just make the bed and tidy the clutter. 

What to wear:

Dress yourself in something light and casual. Remember that your session is at home, so think bare feet, comfortable and something that reflects you and your personal style. Layers work great, especially since your home will be warm. Some examples: Pairing simple basics with textured overlays. Mom: A robe, Kimono or open sweaters work nicely. Dresses are also great. Most importantly dress comfortably, if you feel comfortable it will show in your photos. Another suggestion is to dress your baby in a neutral or white onesie and a favourite wrap or blanket. 

Don't forget the bedspread! We almost always take pictures in the master bedroom. Pick a bedspread that compliments your outfit choices. 

Some things to try to avoid: Lettering on shirts, mixing too many patterns, neon colours, everyone dressing too matchy (example..dressing all in white or black).



During your session:

Remember this is a “lifestyle” session. Your baby may cry, fuss and that’s ok! We are here to capture real life with your little one. We will keep the session as relaxed as possible, and whether the baby is awake or sleeping we’ll get some beautiful moments.  Your session will last between 1-2 hours, allowing time for feeding and changing your little one.  

Once we arrive, we will take a quick tour of the rooms you would like to photograph in and look for the best light. The master bedroom, nursery and living room are typically the most popular rooms for newborn sessions.

The sessions will involve both baby individually, and baby with parents and siblings. Lifestyle sessions don't include posing or props, but if you have a favourite swaddle, blanket, or baby book you would like to incorporate we would be happy to include those items in some photos. 


After Your Session:

We will post a sneak peek 24 to 48 hours after your session. Three weeks or sooner you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery. Included will be collection password and download pin. Your online gallery will be available for one month, during that time you can download your gallery as many times as you wish. Also feel free to share your gallery with your family and friends! 



If you have any question about your session let us know. We can't wait to meet your little one. :)