In-home Sessions

Your Life at Home // In-home sessions



What is it all about? 

It's about the beauty in the chaos. Deciding to choice the real moments over the posed. It's about the comfort and love that comes from inside your home. 

As I type this in my home office. Okay confession, it was once my home office. I’m pretty sure my kids have now claimed it as their own. Someone has scribbled on my desk and there are more toys in here than office supplies. But I can’t help but think, one day it will just be me in here, all the toys will be given away, the scribbles will be wiped off my desk and my children will have much more “important” places to be. This is why I want to document every single moment. This time is fleeting. Learning my 5-year-old's newest dance moves or watching my toddler imitate everything her older sister does. I wish I would be able to remember all of our daily moments, but the truth is I won't.

It's not about perfectly clean homes or neat hair (see above) it is about capturing the connections and spontaneous moments between you and your family.  It is your stamp in time, in the comfort of your home. 

Our time together

A typical in-home family session will last about 90 mins. I'll keep things simple, your kids can play, you can put on your favourite record, and I wait for the dance party to begin. My job is to capture your family just how you are. These sessions are unposed and candid, just go ahead and pretend we are not there. If your children laugh, I will probably join them, and if they have an off-moment thats okay too! Did I mention I'm here to capture the real moments? Because when you look back those real moments are the ones you will cherish the most.